Output capacities up to 2,5 tons/h of prefried and frozen french fries / Input capacities up to 5 tons/h of potatoes

Centrifugal (Cyclone) Destoner & Drum Water Separator Unit

Dry Earth Sand Remover

Hopper Feeder

Drum Brush Washer

for dry earth, sand removing of potatoes / carrot come from field, first. Also this drum can be used as Drum washer for root vegs on the line.

It is used for regular feeding of the line and getting maximum efficiency. Also reception of the products come from field by truck.

Abrasive Peeler

It is used for peeling of potatoes, carrot and similar root vegs with carborondum and brush rollers.

Roller Sorting Conveyor

Screw (Auger) Blancher & Cooler

It is suitable for blanching and cooling of particularly potatoes, carrots, mushrooms. It can be manufactured with capacity from 500 kgs/h up to 10 tons/h of large granular vegetables. It has manual controlled direct steam heating system. All construction made of AISI 304 stainless teel, but by request wet sections can be made from AISI 316 stainless steel. Process time between 4min. and 20min.


Screw Elevator

It is used for peeling of potatoes, carrot and similar root vegs with just brush rollers end of theSteam Peeler Unit.

Gooseneck Elevator

Vibratory Water / Fat Separator

for dewatering and defatting process of the product.

Drum Filter

Vibratory Distributor

It is used for filtering of circulating washing water of the Brusher / Washer.

Sliver Remover

It is used for removing of slivers of the strip (finger) cut potatoes with rotary roller system.

Steam Peeler


Fryers used for frying of cut potatoes, crockets and etc. in the edible oil at approx. 190C of degrees heating by heat transfer oil exchangers. This edible oil is circulated by special pump and filtered as continiusly. Frying time, frying temperature can be adjusted. Carrier and Submerger conveyor made of st. ateel wire mesh belt. There is a motorized screw jack mechanism for increasing clearence up between cover, submerger and carrier conveyor and lifting all them for hygenical clearing.

Hydraulic Transportation Unit

It is used for conveying of whole or cut potatoes by water mix. This unit consists of food handling pump, vortex tank and water recovery unit with static filter, centrifugal pump and tank.

Slice / Strip / Dice Cutter

It is used for cutting of a wide variety of products up to diameter 200mm to slices, strips and dices at high capacities. First, Slicing knife cuts products required thickness, then circular knives cut the slices into strips and finally crosscut knives` spindle cuts the strips into dices. Slicing thickness can be adjusted between 2mm and 13mm. It can be manufactured as can be cut 7*7m. and 10*10mm. strip (finger) and/or flat or crinckle cut.

French Fries Sizer

Static Filter

for straining of water of the transportated products by pump.