Sweet Corn Processing Lines with processing capacity of 1ton/h up to 30 tons/h of green cob

from 350 kgs/h up to 10,000 kgs/h of sweet corn kernel output capacity

Corn Cutter

Corn Cutter

Electrically, hand fed

Hydraulic, hand fed 

Capacity:60-100 ears/min.

Capacity:90-150 ears/min.

Model TCC01`s cutter head and nubbin knocker system

Model TCC02`s cutter head.

Corn Husker

Corn Cutter

MODEL TCH03.04  (4 lanes) 3500-4000 kgs/h

It is used for cutting ends of the sweet corn kernels and separating from cob. Capacity depends on operator`s feeding efficiency.

MODEL TCH03.06  (6 lanes) 5000-6000 kgs/h

MODEL TCH03.08  (8 lanes) 7000-8000 kgs/h

  • Cutter Head and box.
  • One set cutting blades (6 pieces).
  • Polyurethane feeding conveyor.
  • Cutter Head feeding rubber rollers.
  • Waste ear discharging stainless steel rollers.
  • Feeding conveyors, cutter head and feeding/discharging rollers are driven by hydraulic motors at Model TCC01.
  • Feeding conveyor, cutter head and feeding/discharging rollers are driven by a single electrically motor at Model TCC02.
  • AISI 304 Cr-Ni stainless steel construction. Excepted just Model TCC01`s platform and hydraulic unit tank made of mild steel.
  • Cutter Head washing system with selenoid valve to minimize starch build up.
  • Central lubrication port.
  • Safety switch at Cutter Head cover.
  • Jam clearing Reverse system (as standard at both model).
  • Nubbin knocker system (only at Model TCC01).
  • Electrical Control Panel (on both model). Model TCC01 also has a hydraulic unit panel.

MODEL TCH03.12  (12 lanes) 10000-12000 kgs/h

MODEL TCH03.16  (16 lanes) 13000-16000 kgs/h

It is used for stripping of husk layers of corn ears without damaging the kernels. Food contact points are AISI 304 Cr-Ni st. steel, non-corrosive materials. Hot galvanized diped mild steel chassis. There are 4, 6, 8, 12 and 16 lanes models for different capacities.

  • It consists of two separate units: Vibratory Shaker Feeder and The base Husker.
  • Central Lubrication ports on the machine.
  • Longitudinal water shower on The Base Husker for longer rubber roll life when processing of sweet corn.
  • Oscillator mechanism for directing of corn ears to husking lanes continual. 
  • Loosing supported bearings for remedying of wear on teeth of rubber rolls.
  • Safety measures suited norms.
  • Easily useful and maintenance.
  • It can be reconfigured for de-leafing oranges and grapefruits, topping onions and removing vines from patatoes.
  • Optional Metering Conveyor and Waste Layer Discharge Conveyor.

Corn Cob Distrubition Conveyor to the Huskers

Corn Husking

Corn cob distrubition unit & Corn Husker machines with optional metering conveyor and infeed bunkers

Husking Rubber Rolls (Bore diameter: 45mm.=1 3/4" * Outside diameter: approx.70mm.*Length:295mm)

Sweet Corn Cutting

Set of Corn Cutter Knives (includes 6 pcs)

Distribution Conveyor & Corn Cutters

Pneumatic (Fan) Separator (Air Cleaner)

It is used for separating of unwanted materials like skin, tassel, etc. in sweet corn kernels.

Screwed Drum Blancher

Bulk Feeder

up to 5000 kgs/h of sweet corn kernel capacity

It is used for receiption of cobs come from field by truck and regular feeding of the line and getting maximum efficiency.

This kind of Screwed Drum Blanchers are used for generally canned food industry.

Vibratory Stick Remover

Fan separating (Air Cleaning) & Vibratory Stick Removing Unit

Multistage Belt Blancher Cooler

up to 10000 kgs/h of sweet corn kernel capacity

This kind of Belt Blancher-Coolers are used for particularly frozen food industry.

Vibratory Water Separator

Flotation Washer

It is used for separating of tassel, starch, broken product and unwanted stranger materials floating and getting effective washing.