up to 10.000 kgs/h of capacity

Belt Blancher Cooler

This kind of Belt Blancher-Coolers are used for particularly frozen food industry. They have multistage heating levels on the blanching section, also blancher and Cooler in same body. They are so hygienic and have no microbiology problems. There is radial air suction fans for increasing up cooling capacity of water on the cooling section. So, water consumption is reduced. Product discharge temparature 15-18C of degrees can be provided by water+air cooling. Also, product discharge temp.10-11C of degrees can be provided bychilled water+air cooling. Good cooled product improves IQF capacity and efficiency. Steam moving is reduced from blanching section to cooling section by water curtain crating between these sections.

Belt is special for purposing of blanchers that includes sideguards, st. steel tension plates and st. steel rods. Plastic segments made of PP with high opening area.

Blanching water is pumping by hygienic st. steel pumps and sprays special nozzles above product. Direct steam injected to the each blanching levels` water tank separately and all media by proportional control valves. All blanching levels` and media`s temperatures are set to the PID controllers on the panel lid separately. Machine is PLC controlled and has an external electrical control cabinet. Blanching time can be adjusted variable between 90sec. and 4min.

PLC controls tank water filling-level, belt washing, temperatures, starting, belt speed, blanching time etc. automatically with standard and optional features. There are lots of manhole lids on the tanks and under the belt for easily cleaning. So, This machine is the most hygienic blancher-cooler and it has no microbiology problem.

Belt Blancher Cooler Model. TBBC02.100  (up to 10,000 kgs/h of pea grain capacity) Belt width:2265mm 2cooling types (air, water or chilled water); 3blanching types (water, steam, water and steam); water fall feeding

Belt Blancher Cooler Model. TBBC01.075  (up to 7,500 kgs/h of pea grain capacity) Belt width:1790mm 2cooling types (air, water or chilled water); 3blanching types (water, steam, water and steam); standard feeding

Product is fed directly on the belt by optional Vibratory Feeder at the machine with standard feeding section. 

Product is fed to Waterfall section by optional Vibratory Feeder at the machine with waterfall feeding section. Waterfall feeding section has Pre-heating.

Multistage Blanching  sections` temperature controls. 3 blanching types (water, steam, water and steam)

Drop Brackets for air suction.

Special Blancher belt.

Airfoil Radial suction fans.

Electrical Control Cabinet.

Belt Blanchers and Coolers for small scale productions

Belt Blancher

It is suitable for blanching of all kind of products and particularly leaf vegetables. It can be used as Hot water blancher or Steam Blancher. It can be manufactured with capacity from 1 ton/h of leaf vegetables up to 3500 kgs/h of granular vegetables. Two conveyors called "Product Carrier Conveyor" and "Product Submerger Conveyor" run in blancher. All construction made of AISI 304 stainless steel, but by request wet sections can be made from AISI 316 stainless steel. Blanching time between 75sec. and 4min.

Model. TBB01  

two blanching types (Water Bath and Steam)

It is located discharging section of Blancher and used for cooling of blanched products by spraying of  fresh water above product. Belt can be plastic modular or stainless steel wire. Speed can be adjusted variable by mechanically. All construction made of AISI 304 stainless steel.

Electronical Speed Control

Electronical Temp. Control

Belt Cooler 

Model. TCB01  

Optional Belt Lifting Mechanism  

By request; stainless steel wire or plastic modular belt

Optional Proportional Steam Feeding

(for hygienical cleaning)