Cluster Separator

Unsnipped Bean Remover

Cluster Separator is used for separating of clusters and sending them to declusterer unit before feeding of bean snippers.

Unsnipped Bean Remover is used for separating of unsnipped beans and sending them to snippers again.

up to 1500kgs/h

up to 1000kgs/h

Bean Snipper

Bean Snipper cuts green bean ends. Drum diameter is 1280mm.

Plastic segments consisting of drum has width 6,2mm waved slots as standard. By request width 3,2mm or 4,5mm waved or straight line slotted plastic segments can be used.

Stainless steel divider rings

Bean Cutter

Idle rotary brush for drum cleaning. (only at Model TBS01)

Bean Cutter crosscuts green bean to 40mm, 30-60mm, 18-36-54mm or 25-50mm lengths by using different cutting drums. Construction in AISI 304 Cr-Ni steel. Capacity is up to 1500 kgs/h of green bean.

Snipping system with 63 pcs triangular knives at Mod.TBS01, 53 pcs triangular knives at Mod.TBS02.

Variable drum speed control for Model TBS01. Stable drum speed for Model TBS02.

Standard cutting drum with 16 crosscut knives

Possibility of cutting in different lengths by optional cutting drums

Bean feeding tank with rotary director combs for straight feeding

Vibratory shaker for separating of broken and water at discharge

It is designed for the lines which is including a few Bean cutters.

Cluster Cutter (Declusterer) / Pre-Snipper

Cluster Cutter / Pre-snipper is used for cutting of clusters (declustering) and pre-snipping of green bean.

round, orbit green bean

flat, romano green bean

Distribution Vibrators

Bulk Feeder

Universal Washer

Pneumatic (Fan) Separator / Air Cleaner

These vibrators are used for feeding of Bean Snippers and Bean Cutters arranged in a row at high capacity processing lines.

It is used for regular feeding of the line and getting maximum efficiency.

It is used for the best washing of particularly green bean and leaf vegetables such us spinach.

It is used for separating of unwanted materials like trash, dust, leaves etc. in product.