processing capacities from 1 ton/h up to 4 tons/h of spinach

4000kgs/h of spinach capacity

1000kgs/h of spinach capacity

Hopper Feeder

It is used for regular feeding of the line and getting maximum efficiency. Also reception of the products come from field by truck.

1000kgs/h of spinach capacity

Dry Earth Sand Remover

for dry earth, sand removing of spinach come from field, first. Also this drum can be used as Drum washer for spinach on the line.

4000kgs/h of spinach capacity

1000kgs/h of spinach capacity

Vibratory Water Separator

Pneumatic (Fan) Separator / Air Cleaner

4000kgs/h of spinach capacity

It is used for separating of unwanted materials like trash, dust, leaves etc. in product.

Universal Washer

It is used for the best washing of very dirty products particularly green bean and leaf vegetables such us spinach by turbilanced water system.

Drum Filter

Spinach Dewatering Press

It is used for filtering of circulating washing water of the Universal Washer.

for dewatering process of blanched spinach before freezing.