up to 6 tons/h of jam production capacity

Vacuum Boule Units (Vacuum Cooking Evaporation Pans) 

Single, double, triple or multi vacuum pan system related to required capacity are used in Jam/marmalade production. Steam jacketted. Boule bodies and condenser group made of AISI 304 Cr-Ni st. steel. Platform can be made of st. steel or hot galvanised dip mild steel alternatively. Multitube heat exchanger type closed condenser. Required pan can be used by damper valve system at Multi pan Vacuum Cooking units. Scraped low speed mixer. Boiling temperature is approx. 56 C at vacuum pressure. So, fruit color, taste and nutritional excellences are not dissolved. 

Pectin Preparation Tank

Premix (Syrup Preparation) Tank

It`s used for preheating, mixing of syrup and also defrosting of frozen fruits. Construction in AISI 304 Cr-Ni completely. Low speed rotary mixer. Steam heated and insulated.

It`s used for heating and mixing of pectin. Construction in AISI 304 Cr-Ni completely. High speed homogeniser mixer. Steam heated and insulated.

Holding Tank

It`s used for holding while feeding of filler and pasteurising at hot filling process of jam discharging from Vacuum boule. Non-jacketted for warm-filling process or Hot water jacketted for hot-filling process. It has a low speed horizontal mixer. It has special draining system for homogeniously granular filling. Construction in AISI 304 Cr-Ni completely.

Single Vacuum Boule Unit Model. TVPS02

Jam production capacity: 750-1000 kgs/h

Double Vacuum Boules Unit Model. TVPD02

Triple Vacuum Boules Unit Model. TVPT02

Jam production capacity: 1500-2000 kgs/h

Jam production capacity: 2250-3000 kgs/h

Tunnel Pasteuriser Cooler

It`s used for pasteurising and cooling process for hod-filled or warm-filled products in seamed jars/tins. It`s through flow tunnel. Construction in AISI 304 Cr-Ni completely. Belt made from plastic PP, modular raised rib system. It has external steam heated multitube heat exchanger. Pasturising time and temperature can be adjusted variable for different container volumes and products.

Quadruple Vacuum Boules Unit Model.TVPQ02

Jam production capacity: 3000-4000 kgs/h

Jam-Marmalade Production Units for Small Scale & Laboratory / RnD Productions

Additional Equipments for marmalade production

Batch type atmospheric Pasteurisation Unit (Pasteurisation Tank, Pre Cooling&Cooling Tank, Double Basket and Crane System)

electrically or steam heated, Batch capacity: 156 pcs of 370cc jar or 87pcs of 720cc jar

Pulper           (single section)

Tubular Pasteuriser / Steriliser (tube in tube) and Holder 

Pulper - Finisher (double section)

RnD Vacuum Boule Model. TVP6001 (Laboratory type Vacuum Cooking Pan)

electrically or steam heated, batch capacity between 60 and 100 litres, Jam production capacity: approx. 80-100 kgs/h